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SEPTEMBER 12, 2021

Dear Students,

Thanks so much for visiting the Writing Hub! We're glad you're here and look forward to supporting your writing goals.

To ensure that you receive your full appointment time, please kindly give us at least an hour's notice before your desired appointment start time. This will allow the Writing Fellow on duty to prepare for your appointment in advance. Since we have only one Writing Fellow on duty per hour this semester, it's sometimes difficult to see new appointments in time when they are made at the last minute, especially if we are busy assisting other students. Thanks so much for your understanding and cooperation, and we hope you enjoy your session!

All the best,

Susan Thomas

Writing Hub Coordinator


Dear students,

In light of recent events regarding Covid-19, all in-person consultations are unavailable until further notice. You can still book meetings using this scheduling tool, which will all be conducted online. Please treat this appointment as any other appointment: be available to log in for your appointment, and have your writing ready to share with our one of our Writing Fellows.

If you want more immediate writing support, here are some websites that have excellent writing resources:

AUGUST 30, 2015

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Please note that post-graduate students will only be allowed to make appointments with writing tutors who are enrolled in post-graduate studies. 

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